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January visit to Peru

Posted by ellenball on February 25, 2008

The January trip to Peru was very successful. I spent the majority of time working with Juan Tomayllo to prepare for the Fitness Study (Meche’s R01/Estudio Epi). By the time I left, all the Estudio Epi V2.1 forms were implemented on OpenMRS. There are currently a total of 17 forms. Juan had done so much work. I was happy to help complete a few forms, troubleshoot some problems, discuss testing, and update the OpenMRS application and database. The server for the project is http://estudioepi.pih-emr.org:8080/openmrs.

Juan has also built a field database application using .NET and MySQL which has 2 other forms with demographic information about the contacts and indices (names and addresses). This data will be kept separately from the study data. Juan has done a great job with this application. It looks very simple to use.

Most of one day was spent at the warehouse in Carabayllo. The trip and tour were very interesting. The IT staff in Lima (Pablo Rordiguez and Jorge Rojas) are building a pharmacy system in the Peru EMR1 (following Pablo’s training here). It should be ready soon. This system will replace 2 other systems (LOLCLI and SESALM), and it’s great that Peru is writing new code and putting together this cleaner interface along with the current EMR1. I spent lots of time with Jorge and Pablo installing a new Linux server with RedHat, Oracle, etc for the warehouse software, and also added their new software (logistics) to subversion.  Ceviche restaurant in Carabayllo

It was a thrill to go to Lima, Peru. In my 4 years with PIH, this was my first trip. I was fortunate have such great colleagues visiting at the same time — Darius, Molly, Sasha, Joaquin, Evie and Rachel. It was great to see old friends (Pablo), meet colleagues that I feel like I already knew (Odalys, Juan, Nadia, Jorge and Reiko), and see the casa, office and Lima.


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