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Rwanda: Upgrade to OpenMRS 1.6 with sync module

Posted by ellenball on June 8, 2010

The Rwanda OpenMRS servers were upgraded to OpenMRS 1.6 in May 2010.

The Northern Provinces have a single server in Butaro, and that was upgraded in early May from 1.4 to 1.6 by Dave Thomas, Edwin Musonga, Marc Harrison (Paris).

Maros Cunderlik, Ellen Ball & Edwin Musonga

The Eastern provinces were upgraded with a replacement of OpenMRS (sync branch 1.4) with OpenMRS 1.6.2 along with the new sync module (RC1).  Thanks to the dedication of volunteer extra-ordinaire Maros Cunderlik, Dave Thomas, Edwin Musonga, Ben Wolfe, Marc Harrison and Mark Goodrich.  The process was very smooth (if not along some bumpy and scenic dirt roads in Rwanda).   The Rwinkwavu server was replaced on Tuesday morning, May 25th and followed by visits to Kirehe, Rusumo and Rukira on that same day.  The next day (Wednesday), the servers were replaced in Mulindi and Nyurabuye.

Dave Thomas and Edwin Musonga heading back to ambulance transport at Mulindi

The quote at the end of day 2:   “Things are working” –Maros

Thanks to Biega for morning coffee and providing some sanity.  Apologies to all the goats that gave their lives to become brochettes at Coco Park.  Great appreciation to Cheryl Amoroso for dealing with some challenges with sync during the past year+.


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  1. Darius said

    Ah, it’s a wonderful day.

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