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Rwanda Upgraded to OpenMRS 1.4

Posted by djazayeri on November 20, 2008

I want to congratulate Chase and Maros for getting Rwinkwavu and Kirehe’s OpenMRS servers upgraded to version 1.4 with sync. Jeremy and Evan, you two owe them beers for having upgraded first and finding and fixing a whole slew of bugs in 1.4 that you would otherwise have had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand.

I’d also like to share this conversation for those who couldn’t be here:

(Scene 1: Wednesday night, 10pm)

Maros: So, Darius, unless you tell us not to, we’re going to start the upgrade now.
Darius: Hmm…okay, go ahead.
Simon (BCG): WTF? You’re going to do a major upgrade on a Wednesday night?
Chase: Yes.

(Maros and Chase leave.)

Simon: You’re really okay with this?
Darius: Yes, I have complete confidence.

(Scene 2: Thursday morning, 8am. Chase and Maros are sitting around their laptops. They haven’t slept. Darius and Simon arrive.)

Simon: So?
Chase: Rwinkwavu is up and running.
Darius: Whew.

Not that I doubted for a moment. 🙂


PS- Anyone reading this from the broader OpenMRS community, we’re going to release 1.4 as alpha now that this first round of bugfixing has happened.


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